Drawing the Layout of a Garden for High End Real-Estate


Real-estate properties are now trending. You can buy an already built house and pay mortgages for the duration agreed. Designers are busy coming up with marketable ideas for garden layouts to attract as many clients as possible. One thing for sure is that a designer is equal to the contractor who does the fixing; probably more important. A designed garden layout gives the contractor the go-ahead and a starting point of what should be done. Without it, you can expect some shoddy work. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a fortune to the landscape architect while you can just get on with drawing yourself. You just need to bring some variations on the table. What you design will surprise you.


  1. Balance your plants

It is important that you know what type of fruit plants or veggies you are to put on your garden right at the design stage. Remember that you will plant what you will have on the drawing and not what you will think. If you have a contractor, he will be referring to what you have on the drawing to create your garden. To look healthy, balancing is a tip to not leave out. You can have a portion for fruits and vegetables, another for exotic flowers, a different part for perennials and another for native plants. If you can draw a design that includes all these and mix them as necessary, you are there. Remember to leave some space for adults relaxing and children playing.


  1. Stand out unique

What amazes people is what they have never seen before. To attract as many tenants as possible to your new properties, you will have to stand out unique. The garden will be a vital factor here. Don’t just go for what you see across the streets. It is recommended that you travel a lot to capture ideas of classic gardens.


  1. Consult horticulturist/gardeners

Where you find trouble drawing the perfect garden layout, you need not stress your brains. Help is in plenty out there waiting for you to make a move. Many make the mistake of undermining themselves and believing that they can’t do it. If you set your brain that you will fail, you will do plenty of failure. You can simply talk to your local gardeners and seek what they do. Advanced help can also be sort from horticulturist. Combining your own ideas and the added help will ultimately guarantee a perfect garden layout.

  1. Think long-time

Some gardeners are tempted to go for too many biennials just because they look great. How they forget that after 2 years the plants will be dead, I don’t know. Don’t see just now, project into the future. You don’t want to design a garden and then repeat the same after a year. Do it once, and do it right with a future based mind.


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When To Plant Your Flowers?


Gardening is not easy but it certainly comes with advantages, clear advantages. Today we are going to dig deeper into a common subject of great interest  : when to plant your flowers and when we plant ours. Planting flower seeds in the spring has some distinct advantages over growing them at any other time of the year.While there are other times of the year for planting flower seeds by Gardeners, spring is the ideal time in for seeds to grow. When planting annual flower seeds in the spring, the gardener doesn’t have to wait for the dormant period to be over, and will not be looking at a short life for the plants. Flower seeds grown in the spring will have the advantages of the rain and the spring warmth in which to sprout. Once the ground is thawed and there is not likely to be more frost, it is time to ready flower seed for the garden. In dry areas, the ground will need to be watered regularly in order to create the ideal environment for new flower seeds. In many dry regions, the soil may also call for fertilizer, peat moss, or mulch as well.


Annual flower seeds can be planted as soon as the weather is mild. Hardy annuals, those with a higher tolerance to cold, can be started at the very beginning of the growing season, even if there is the possibility of another frost. For those who wish to have their plants flowering as soon as possible, starting annual flower seeds indoors in the late winter or cold part of the spring, and then transplanting them outdoors, is one way to get early blooms. This makes for an early flower garden using cheap seed instead of using expensive plants or seedlings from a nursery. But annuals are not the only flower seed variety that responds well to spring planting.

As we move on towards the middle of spring, where the weather is lovelier and the frost is long gone, regular annual seeds that require warm temperature can be planted. For hardy annuals you can plant them in the early spring as they have a strong resistance towards cold spring frost. While you plant your hardy annuals, you can simultaneously plant your regular annual flower indoors and later transplant them outdoor when the weather settles. Once you have the regular and hardy annual flowers in your garden, you can see the result of having the prettiest garden as your flower would bloom continuously throughout the season. Besides annual, a lot of other varieties of flower seeds also can be planted in the season of spring as well.

Perennial flower seeds usually need some cold temperatures before being planted, but can do this naturally in the soil. Perennial flower seeds should be started early in the spring both to give them some cold temperatures in which to germinate, and to ensure that they will be large enough by winter to survive freezing temperatures. If the climate is warm and mild all year, these flower seeds may need to be refrigerated before they can be planted. Perennial flower seeds grow into flowers than can live for three years or more, making them a popular favorite for gardeners. Taking special care of these seeds will eliminate the need to replant them each year.


During the early spring, when the temperatures are still teasingly cold, perennial flowers can be planted naturally in the soil. This is because most of the varieties of perennial flowers need a little bit of cold weather to germinate before they began sprouting. This is also to ensure that they would have matured nicely and can withstand the cold and harsh condition when winter arrives. Not only that, growing perennial early in the spring would also guarantee that you would have a blooming garden with flowers earlier than any type flowers. Although not very suitable to plant in warm climate countries, those who simply insist of having them needs to keep them refrigerated before planting to give them time to germinate.

Simple Elements Outdoor Garden Features to Consider For Your Home (3)

Even if one is staying in a cold weather country, and had bought the seeds a little bit too late in the spring they still have to conduct the same practice of refrigerating these flowers. The beauty of perennial however is their life span as they can easily last for three years or more. Their life span would be longer if one takes good care of the seeds and nourish them appropriately.Because wildflower seeds are cheap, easy to grow, require little labor and resources, most of the states have taken to planting them to prevent erosion. That’s also the reason why most people plant them at their flower garden.


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Simple Elements Outdoor Garden Features to Consider For Your Home

Simple Elements Outdoor Garden Features to Consider For Your Home (1)

Sometimes, we concentrate too much on the house interiors in regard to aesthetic forgetting the outside means a lot as well. It is how the house outdoor looks like that the neighbors use to judge what might be inside the house. Even you feels nice when you are driving or walking a pretty decorated lawn or driveway. The good thing is that all this can be DIY as you need them. A landscape architect must not be there to tell you what to put inside your lawn. Several choices in your mind will bring out a nice looking garden just outside the house. Some tips you can utilize with this include the following.

Simple Elements Outdoor Garden Features to Consider For Your Home (2)

  • Post lights

As much as you mind the daytime, the night is important these days. It’s a great feeling being out in the night but you are just confident like its noon. The lights may be made dim for special places for efficiency. Some others may be colored or be made to have shifting colors to boost the aesthetics. As you do this, even the security is enhanced around the home. Thieves hate places where they are visible clearly. The best part with the post lights is that you don’t have to power them so that they increase electricity bills. Utilize the solar energy to get the lights working during the night.

Simple Elements Outdoor Garden Features to Consider For Your Home (3)

  • Hanging flower baskets

Think of decorative features and see the flowers. Imagine a wedding without flowers. What am I insinuating? Flowers are the heart of decorations outside the house. Where possible, you can have them planted around the lawn. It’s the best and natural approach. However, the garden may not be big to accommodate that. Never mind however. There are flower baskets you can hang around the house. They will have attractive faux flowers seeming to grow in them. No maintenance will be necessary for these baskets.

Simple Elements Outdoor Garden Features to Consider For Your Home (4)

  • Pavers

A garden will not look classic if there are no assess paths all around. Nobody wants to get mad when being in the garden. The best garden has pavements within it so that anybody can get to the garden at any time. Pavers do not apply only for human use. Where space allows, the driveways should also be paved for cars to move freely around the lawn.

  • Water fountains

Water is life. If you want to give your garden some life, make sure you got some water flowing visibly around it. It’s the trick businesses adopt in the town centers. Water seems to be flowing naturally while it’s just circulating around the added system. It does not have to be complicated. A simple fountain will do.

Simple Elements Outdoor Garden Features to Consider For Your Home (1)

  • Barrel planters and conifer pots

You can bring life to even place that don’t seem to have it. If you are not the soil lover, the barrels as well as pots can be your garden altogether. You place your plants inside these containers or buy them in ready-made. These are impression making decorations that will take your garden to another lever of aesthetics.

  • Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and arbors are great ensembles to feature in your household, powerful enough to increase the value of your home a great deal, especially in the setting in which the climbing plants and vines have already shaped the space. The presence of a well aged wisteria for example sculpting the garden around a beautiful pergola can be marvelous and can increase the value of the entire property a great deal. The Garden Issue published a complete guide that explains the pergola very well, it contours the whole picture greatly. Consider building a pergola for your household, it`s able to add great comfort and aesthetic values alike.

Simple Elements Outdoor Garden Features to Consider For Your Home (5)

  • Swimming Pools and Jacuzzis

A swimming pool and jacuzzi could become the super start of your home, they require no introduction, they need no presentation. If you are thinking of selling your property, a swimming pool might help you receive a bigger check, if you are not, a swimming pool might greatly increase your comfort and well being in the household, small or big that drop of water will make your home far far better and the popularity won worldwide is a showcasing just that.
DADA & Partner Designs Three Trees House by New Delhi  (3)

Many options are available for your outdoor garden decoration. Make use of one or several combinations.

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Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (4)

Expansive view towards an ocean, infinity swimming pool, timeless furniture, lush vegetation, pure beauty.

Do you actually need more than that? I think the pictures would define the home perfectly and there are simply no words to describe how happy the inhabitant must be.

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (5)

A view of the immense beauty of an ocean, an infinity pool and three lounge chairs.

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (6)

Please do not speak, just cast a glance above, immerse yourself in true of our beautiful planted entitled Earth.

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (8)

All around the home, neutral tones are being used to fade out subdued to the insanely beautiful surroundings. They simply cannot compete with the scenery, nor it would do such a competition justice to the taste of the owner, to its own interest.

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (9)

Cooking a small dinner whilst having a glance on an infinite ocean and a breathtaking dawn mirrored in your infinity swimming pool.

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (10)

Bedrooms of all sorts and as many spaces as possible have openings towards purity of nature in its beautiful, pure shape, extreme form.

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (11)

Along the shore perspectives are caught as well, small items in the water, several islands are inviting the inhabitant into the water.

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (12)

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (13)

What would one say if it was to leave in such a dream home. How would one react to such mornings, such beauty.

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (1)

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (2)

Insanely beautiful and pure shapes in simplicity.

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (3)

None can compete with the immense beauty of our planet a happy pair of eyes glancing on sunshine and dawn everyday from such angles really makes the world justice.

Stunning Villa L’Escalet Designed by Vincent Coste (7)

Stunning stunning stunning villa. Note how even the living space is neutral, simple, almost boring. All the views are invited outside to the real world of immense beauty where one can simply lose himself glancing at the ocean, at the sensible landscape offered. How do you see this simply stunning view? How would you react to such wonders?

Would love to hear your thoughts

Over and out.

With love.

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DADA & Partner Designs Three Trees House Located In New Delhi

DADA & Partner Designs Three Trees House by New Delhi  (8)

A super cool resort home follows in a pictorial of immense beauty, a home shaped by rectangular shape assemble in a composition tailored with green elements, outdoor entertaining features and living areas flooded by light, animated by beauty. The main volume of this extraordinary home is U shaped and it opens up to an immense mineral backyard tailored for festive entertaining.

Each facade is unique, wrapped by materials of great quality, opening up strategically towards the greenery in which the whole is nestled, capturing expansive views that no other can conquest this defining the great super villa.

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Dresner Design Realizes Stunning Chicago Penthouse


Chicago Penthouse is a beautiful jaw dropping residential project completed by Dresner Design in the year 2014 and is beautifully located in Illinois USA; Chicago to be exact.

The beautiful penthouse apartments is designed mainly through contrast, the predominant tone being white tone balanced by black furniture and a floor in dark wooden hues.

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